Fallen Angel (suicidekttn) wrote in aslterps,
Fallen Angel

Tattoo question

I'm considering a tattoo on the inside of one of my wrists. I'm currently going to school for Interpreting. I'm wondering how big of a distraction this would be. I've heard time and again what you're supposed to wear, and not wear. However, looking at all the terps we get in our classes, I feel like these rules are not constant. So I'm trying to judge. I've seen terps with acrylic nails that click, I've seen students with 2-3 inch acrylic nails in neon colors. I've seen bracelets, rings, tattoos...etc.

In the end I know it would depend a lot on where I worked, the client, etc. But I'd like a feel for how it would go over. I know I should have something with me to cover it, just in case...but would a bracelet be acceptable? A plain piece of cloth? I know what would be acceptable in the hearing world, but I don't know if any of those would cross over besides a long sleeved shirt.

I would appreciate your thoughts :)

Edit: Thanks for all the comments and perspectives! I appreciate it. One more question. If I did choose to still get the tattoo, what would be an acceptable way to cover it up? Long sleeves, but is that the only option? Maybe a tight-fitting fabric cuff in a flesh-color? Or is that still too close to a bracelet? I'm curious, and just exploring my options.

Thanks again!
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