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Hey everyone.

I wanted anybody and everybody's opinion on piercings.

Personally, I have always been fascinated by piercings. Ideally, if I had not become an Interpreter, I know I would be decorated with snake bites, double monroes, etc. While I love my job as an Interpreter, I still find myself thinking to myself, "Darn, I wish I could get something pierced."

With that being said, I've been dancing with the idea of getting a Monroe piercing. For those who don't know, it's the piercing above your upper lip. I do know that we're supposed to keep up a neutral appearance. Our client will be looking at our face; therefore, we cannot be wearing things that are distracting. Even so, I'm still thinking about it.

Have any of you met an Interpreter with facial piercings? Have you had an experience where you, yourself, had a piercing, but was forced to take it out? I do realize that there are more cons than pros in regard to this, but it's something I've been seriously considering for a couple of years now. Oh, and I Interpret in a post-secondary setting. Any opinions or experiences would be helpful.

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