breezyfromcamp (breezyfromcamp) wrote in aslterps,

props to the 'terps!

I am a deaf student in a pharmacy tech program with the best interpreter on the planet!!

Today, we were reviewing for a test and had a list of words such as; hydrochlorithiazide, acetomenaphen, methylphenidate, gastrointestinalrefluxdisease, etc.

Well, at some point, the instructor decided it would be funny to screw with the 'terp and started talking as fast as humanly possible just to watch her fingerspell fast. There was no way for her to keep up or for me to check the spelling on my paper which we are graded on.

The other students noticed and joined the teacher in laughing at us. I've been going through interpreter hell with my other one already (check it out on deaf community). I was so embarressed to be used as class entertainment and felt sooooooo bad for my poor sweet wonderful interpreter who twice asked the teacher to slow down that I started crying. And she sat there, with me crying and everyone else laughing at her fingerspelling at warp speed. I finally walked out of the room because the teacher was being mean and unfair but the 'terp was too wonderful and professional to give up trying.

So, anyway, props to all of you awsome, professional wonderful interpreters out there.
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