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ASL Interpreters Needed [24 Jun 2012|11:53am]

ASL interpreters needed for summer at Camp Little Notch. There is one Deaf staff member and at least two Deaf campers per one week session. We are still seeking interpreter coverage for the three week summer session with the campers, and the 4 day post camp. The dates for the camper sessions and post camp are June 30-July 24th. It would be optimal if someone could come for the entire three weeks, but if you can commit to three days or over please contact us immediately! This would be a perfect opportunity for a senior or recent graduate of an ITP looking for some hands up experience!

The Breakdown

Who: ITP Seniors, recent ITP grads, working precerts, certified interpreters
Where: Camp Little Notch, Fort Ann, NY
What: Check out www.camplittlenotch.org- In summary we are an awesome social justice camp for girls in the Adirondacks with an 80 acre private pond.
When: Any three or more day clump between the dates of June 30th and July 24th 2012
How Much: This is volunteer, BUT you can stay at the camp for free and eat for free. Also, if you are a parent, guess what? We're a camp for girls! If you have a daughter you can bring her and we will lovingly provide childcare.
Contact: Jo Lum jo@friendsofcln.org if you have questions, concerns or want to schedule dates to come.
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Tattoo question [04 Aug 2011|12:06am]

I'm considering a tattoo on the inside of one of my wrists. I'm currently going to school for Interpreting. I'm wondering how big of a distraction this would be. I've heard time and again what you're supposed to wear, and not wear. However, looking at all the terps we get in our classes, I feel like these rules are not constant. So I'm trying to judge. I've seen terps with acrylic nails that click, I've seen students with 2-3 inch acrylic nails in neon colors. I've seen bracelets, rings, tattoos...etc.

In the end I know it would depend a lot on where I worked, the client, etc. But I'd like a feel for how it would go over. I know I should have something with me to cover it, just in case...but would a bracelet be acceptable? A plain piece of cloth? I know what would be acceptable in the hearing world, but I don't know if any of those would cross over besides a long sleeved shirt.

I would appreciate your thoughts :)

Edit: Thanks for all the comments and perspectives! I appreciate it. One more question. If I did choose to still get the tattoo, what would be an acceptable way to cover it up? Long sleeves, but is that the only option? Maybe a tight-fitting fabric cuff in a flesh-color? Or is that still too close to a bracelet? I'm curious, and just exploring my options.

Thanks again!
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[04 Jul 2011|09:45am]

Quiet aroud here. 
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Hello! [23 Dec 2010|12:45pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I've always been interested in sign language. I'd very much like to be an interpreter as a career. I wanted to start the classes this semester but I've yet to finish my general education classes.
I guess what I'm asking, is if you or anyone else you know that signs and wouldn't mind taking a few minutes here and there to practice with me?

I have Skype and AIM. so we don't have to meet up somewhere and have it be all awkward.

Also, I'm your typical broke college student, so I wouldn't be able to pay you, unless you consider a new friendship as payment.
I'm very easily to get along with, so, please? Help?


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[27 Oct 2010|04:16pm]

Hi, my name is David Cummer, living in beautiful downtown Minneapolis, and I just joined this community.  I've been on the fringe of the Deaf Community on and off for 15/20 years (worked at the MRS when in was in St. Paul, took basic classes in ASL at St. Paul Tech, & got into the ASL Interpreting/Transliteration Program there as well, but didn't finish).

I've been working with several activist groups while here in Minneapolis (ACT-UP, The NAMES Project, Join The Impact Twin Cities) and recently I worked on the vigil for the gay students who committed suicide in the past few months.  A week before the event we (JIT-TC) got a request for ASL interpreters (and thankfully everything worked out so we could do so).

I'd like to get pro-active on having interpreters for our events, and to have info available for the other members on how to work with interpreters and Deaf people.  Any suggestions?  I'd prefer to have something I could hand out.

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Piercings? [11 Jul 2010|04:24pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey everyone.

I wanted anybody and everybody's opinion on piercings.

Personally, I have always been fascinated by piercings. Ideally, if I had not become an Interpreter, I know I would be decorated with snake bites, double monroes, etc. While I love my job as an Interpreter, I still find myself thinking to myself, "Darn, I wish I could get something pierced."

With that being said, I've been dancing with the idea of getting a Monroe piercing. For those who don't know, it's the piercing above your upper lip. I do know that we're supposed to keep up a neutral appearance. Our client will be looking at our face; therefore, we cannot be wearing things that are distracting. Even so, I'm still thinking about it.

Have any of you met an Interpreter with facial piercings? Have you had an experience where you, yourself, had a piercing, but was forced to take it out? I do realize that there are more cons than pros in regard to this, but it's something I've been seriously considering for a couple of years now. Oh, and I Interpret in a post-secondary setting. Any opinions or experiences would be helpful.


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Facebook and interpreting [21 Oct 2009|07:32pm]

Lemme preface this by saying that I'm 25 and have been using Facebook in its various forms over the past 6 years. Despite its horrible design, I use it every day and I could never live without it.

One thing I have noticed lately is how much my colleagues and friends are using facebook to announce their interpreting assignments. Now, they obviously don't discuss who is included in the assignment and often times these are public events, but I feel that this doesn't match with the CPC. Facebook updates like "Going to interpret the Rochester Pride parade!!!" or "Interpreting for NTID job fair today was great!" while not mentioning the exact consumer involved give a pretty clear picture of when and where you will be interpreting.

I remember a section from I think it's the Frishberg book where she discusses DPN and how one of the interpreters mentioned that she was interpreting there. Even though she was clearly on the news, the author thought it was unethical to confirm so.

Am I just being too strict in my interpretation of the CPC? Am I an "old" fuddy duddy or is there something to this?

Any input would be appreciated.
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Oo, Research! [30 Sep 2009|03:57pm]

I'm trying to finish my ASL certificate once and for all, and that means that I need a volunteer to help me with a research assignment. :)

I need to interview a working interpreter about their experience, what types of certifications they hold, etc, and then I get to write a short paper about it all. You'd be famous, almost.

Anyone who'd be willing I would appreciate it! Especially since I've lost track of all the working interpreters I used to have face to face contact with.


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[21 Apr 2009|05:42pm]

Hello everyone. My name is Kimberly and I am currently in school to become an Interpreter/Teacher of the Deaf. I received my A.A.S in Deaf Studies and now i am working on my degree in Exceptional/Childhood Education. THEN after all of that i will be getting my Masters in Deaf Education. Hopefully somewhere in between i can interprete as well. Right now i go to school in Buffalo. I know that Canisius has a Deaf Education Grad Program, but i've looked into their program and i do not like what i see at all. Their program seems to be more speech-based. I have been looking into McDaniel College in Maryland and I've heard great things about their Deaf Ed program and that they teach all their classes in sign(i think). Does anyone know more information about these schools?
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Any transcribers in the house? [21 Apr 2009|02:29pm]

Hi folks,
I may have a transcribing gig upcoming and the lady wants me to have a quote for her. I was wondering, what would be a reasonable price for a double-spaced 72-page transcribing? I type about 80/90 wpm so it shouldn't be *too* bad. Thoughts?


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You know you're an ASL Interpreter when/if... [08 Apr 2009|07:27pm]

This is the only one of these "You know you're a ____ if" lists that's ever made me laugh at every single one, I just had to share!

You know you're an ASL Interpreter when/if...

...You find yourself talking in ASL gloss

...You have a sidekick/blackberry/trio/pager with you 24/7

...You know who Peter Cook, Byron Yoder, Betty Colonomos, and Keith Wann are

...You know what "cha" and "pah" mean

...Your wardrobe consists of solid, plain colors... no patterns, no frills

...You find yourself distracted by and annoyed with "visual noise"

...You can have an entire conversation without saying a word or using a sign... it's all on your face

...You find that none of your jokes make sense to anyone else but fellow interpreters or d/Deaf people

...You know the cultural difference between deaf and Deaf.

...all the games you play are vocabulary builders or word games (ie: Boggle, Scrabble, Crosswords, Upwords, Dictionary Dabble, etc.)

...You find yourself unexplainably attracted to hands

...there are no large floral centerpieces on your kitchen/coffee table(s)

...You wake yourself up while signing in your sleep

...Your spelling is impeccable

...Your closed captioning is always on

...You know the difference between a nod of assent or comprehension and "the nod"

...You've ever been mistaken for a Deaf person by a Deaf person

...You have a VRS # in your phone

...You accidently/automatically say "go ahead" in regular phone conversations

...You've ever had a conversation with someone and were signing unconsciously (until they brought it to your attention)

...You own a pair of white gloves

...Speaking about yourself third person is in no way weird, creepy, or unusual to you anymore

...You're used to being stared at

...You've ever lost your name and identity to become, quite simply, "the interpreter"

...You can't sit and listen to a lecture/sermon/speech anymore without continually asking yourself, "How would I interpret that?"

...You have ever flung your glasses off your face while signing, and wait for a natural pause before picking them up

...You have spent all day talking/singing about something you don't understand or know anything about... like calculus, or electrical wiring, or __(fill in the blank)__

...You've ever been referred to as "the person in the corner of the TV screen"

...You hear a joke based on a play on words and immediately think "hearing joke!"
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How do you sign the year 20XX? [15 Mar 2009|05:12pm]

(x-posted to deaf)

Hi everyone,

I've heard the jury is still out on how to sign the years 2000-2999. So here's a non-scientific survey to see if there are preferences out there in the Deaf community! I know there may also be changes when we get to the year 2100, or in other years, but I thought I'd keep the survey short. Please add your comments if you have any!


Poll #1366155 ASL for years 2009-2099

How do you sign the year 2009?

TWO-ZERO-ZERO-NINE (bounce between ZEROs)
TWO-ZERO-ZERO-NINE (slide between ZEROs)

If you answered "other" to Question #1, how do you sign the year 2009?

How do you sign the year 2012?

TWO-ZERO-ZERO-TWELVE (bounce between ZEROs)
TWO-ZERO-ZERO-TWELVE (slide between ZEROs)

If you answered "other" to Question #3, how do you sign the year 2012?

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props to the 'terps! [12 Mar 2009|12:56am]

I am a deaf student in a pharmacy tech program with the best interpreter on the planet!!

Today, we were reviewing for a test and had a list of words such as; hydrochlorithiazide, acetomenaphen, methylphenidate, gastrointestinalrefluxdisease, etc.

Well, at some point, the instructor decided it would be funny to screw with the 'terp and started talking as fast as humanly possible just to watch her fingerspell fast. There was no way for her to keep up or for me to check the spelling on my paper which we are graded on.

The other students noticed and joined the teacher in laughing at us. I've been going through interpreter hell with my other one already (check it out on deaf community). I was so embarressed to be used as class entertainment and felt sooooooo bad for my poor sweet wonderful interpreter who twice asked the teacher to slow down that I started crying. And she sat there, with me crying and everyone else laughing at her fingerspelling at warp speed. I finally walked out of the room because the teacher was being mean and unfair but the 'terp was too wonderful and professional to give up trying.

So, anyway, props to all of you awsome, professional wonderful interpreters out there.
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[09 Mar 2009|07:08pm]

Hello all! I have been interested in learning ASL for the past 7 years but I haven't seriously pursued it until now. I am currently living in Canada but will move within the next few years to Michigan where I am hoping to attend school, learn sign, as well as become an interpreter. I've been searching online for schools near my fiance's city that offer interpreting programs but I have no way of telling which school has a better program than the other. Is there anyone here from Michigan that has completed a program who would be able to give me some more information please? Thank you. ^_^
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Obama with ASL interpreter [24 Feb 2009|05:03pm]

Found this on punditkitchen. I think she's signing "promise"...

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[23 Jan 2009|02:44pm]

Does anyone have the number for the Pleasanton, CA Sorenson? I am hoping to apply for their Vi-P program and I don't know whom to direct my resume to. I tried calling the number that is listed on Google but I get a fax machine.

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While My Guitar Gently Weeps [20 Jan 2009|01:14am]

If you were to interpret the Beatles song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" how would you interpret the title, which is repeated many times in the song?
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Searching for books for new learner [20 Dec 2008|09:35pm]
Hello all,

I am currently learning American sign language and, while attempting to locate a class near me, I am buying books and videos to help me in the process. Today I bought "American Sign Language Concise Dictionary: Revised Edition" by Martin L. A. Sternberg, which seems to get mixed reviews from what I've read. I was wondering, what books would you reccomend for a signer who is beyond the early stages (I know the alphabet and enough signs to carry on a simple, short conversation about everyday things) but still has many more signs to learn before becoming fluent?

Thank you! :)
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[07 Dec 2008|12:43pm]

I'm on the job hunt right now in the Deaf Ed field.

Honestly - I'm interested in anywhere.

What would be the best route to this?

I have immense experience in the Deaf Ed field and myriad trainings for situations with youth. I've spent a year, so far, as a Teacher/Counselor in a residential program for special needs deaf children. I have a degree in English Literature, a certification in ASL and Deaf Culture, a certification in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention from Cornell University, trainings in suicide prevention, sexual education, CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration etc.
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Little Help with Signs for a Play [02 Dec 2008|07:28pm]

Hello, everybody. One of the interpreters that is working for me will be doing a children's play this Thursday and is having trouble with a sentence and I didn't have an easy answer myself, so if anybody can help, I'd really appreciate it. The segment deals with Little Bo Peep, hence the name mixup...

Oh, dear. You must think I'm a complete nincompeep, Miss Poop! I mean, nincompoop, Miss Peep! I mean--

(Cross-posted to signing.)
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